Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Has American Idol jumped the shark?

As a DJ in Sacramento focusing on Weddings I have to play many songs by several Idol winners at my gigs.

I try to watch and see who the new fresh voice will be at the Ceremony or Reception for the next year.

I had a real hard time getting into American Idol season 9.
Several reasons.
1)No Paula Abdul, losing the quirky judge was a big problem this year.
2)Ellen Degeneres, She really had horrible comments that did not help the prospective winners
3)Lousy guest stars in the auditions,
Victoria Beckham - Not bad, very high oppinion of herself,
Mary J. Blige - She was actually kinda fun to watch,
Shania Twain - Best of all the guest judges,
Katy Perry - I love her singing but she was a horrible judge,
Avril Lavigne - poop,
Joe Jonas - Tween poop,
Neil Patrick Harris - out of the closet poop
Kristin Chenoweth - Amazing woman but just a so so judge
4)Lousy Mentors - If you are going to have a mentor, have them get REAL with the advice. And Mylie Cyrus? I mean really! I would make a better mentor and I have ZERO expereince!

5) Crappy contestants - Lee DeWyze was the ONLY decent one and he is not worthy of the title American Idol.

But the real reason that American Idol has jumped the shark is the loss of the Acerbic Judge Simon Cowell. Simon Cowell is the only reason to watch without Paula Abdul.

What do you all think has American Idol Jumped the shark?

Mike Wedding DJ and Officiant with A Night to Remember DJ

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