Tuesday, June 22, 2010

National vs. Local

There are several National DJ, National Officiant, National Photography and Videography companies out there that do booking for Weddings and events.

National Companies meet with you via email and phone and listen to your needs Most of the services provided are by local vendors, but the responsibility for fulfillment of these services are left to the national companies you are booking with.

Local companies and vendors take responsibility AT the local level. They meet with you personally, listen to your needs and watch your body language as you deliver your dreams and ideas for your event. Phone and email follow ups are a possibility but the local vendor who books LOCALLY with you directly becomes your resource for all your local event planning needs.

You may pay almost the same with a local vendor as a national customer, but 100% of the money stays local and you get the benefit of a fully engaged vendor who is committed to the success of your Wedding or event.

The point I am trying to make is look nationally but buy locally and support your own regional economy! It guarantees you the best of contracted vendors at a good price and the piece of mind that your needs will be handled here in your town.

Your local event resource,
Mike McCune
A Night to Remember DJ and Officiant Services

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