Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Be careful who you hire for your wedding.

We recently did a wedding for a couple at the Red Lion Hotel. The engaged couple had issues of time management of their own to deal with. But to compound their issues they hired a Photographer who forgot he was just ONE part of many to make up the couples wedding day.

The photographer who will remain nameless, so I do not get sued for some stupid reason,
1) Did not communicate with ANY of the other vendors, got in the coordinators' face about the timeline(which he was screwing up royally),
2) Made a nuisance of himself to the wait staff.

3) HE actually was drinking on the job, from the Free Champagne Punch bowl since the bar was a cash bar!

4) Was giving minors punch from the Alcoholic Champagne Punch bowl, and when asked to stop gave attitude to the red Lion staff

5) On more than one occasion Photographer Staff took the liberty to touch the DJ Equipment, even after told not to, MANY times!

This guy made a once in a lifetime event so hard to be a success.

Instead of focusing our energies on entertaining the Bride, Groom and guests we were busy putting out "fires" this unprofessional "professional" photographer was lighting all night.

If you want a great wedding hire sacramento professionals who are highly recommended by people who have actually worked with the vendor. Whether it is a Sacramento DJ or Officiant like A Night to Remember, or an Elegant Photographer for your wedding. Make sure they willplay nice with the other integral pieces of your wedding!

Get references from other vendors willing to put thier name on the line for the vendor in question!!

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