Monday, August 9, 2010

Wedding Officiant AND a DJ? How does that work?

I had a wedding this last weekend and it was a blast.

I got to preside as Officiant over the Marriage Ceremony of Crystal and Davie Bushong. It was at a truly beautiful location Crawfords Barn in the Rancho Cordova/Sacramento area. It is a barn in a residential neighborhood with a surrounding park. We had over 200 guests and the wooded natural beauty of the location lent its hand to make for quite a good memory for the bride and groom!

We also were able to provide DJ services for the reception immediately following the Ceremony. During dinner the Photographer asked me how it is that I am the Officiant and the DJ at the wedding.
I pointed out that I bring an associate DJ, in this case Dennis Boswell to help with the ceremony and reception music. This allows me to be free to do my duties as an Officiant and when the time comes I take the lead as DJ for the Reception. Having an associate DJ at the wedding allows me to train my DJ's to work a reception the way I want it to be done.
My DJ's train with me for about a year and then they usually are able to DJ a reception on their own.

Being the DJ and Officiant is HARD work. There is so much planning that goes into the back end of a wedding Ceremony AND reception. I find that a average 5 hour booking takes up about 20 hours of my time in preparation and implementation. Most people thing a DJ just shows up and plays some music and gets to leave.

I love my job it allows me to meet great couples and help them start off their married lives together the right way. The fun way! What better job could there be?
A true professional is going to do a LOT of planning to make sure the bride and groom have a great night, A Night to Remember!

Give me a call to see how we can make your wedding or special event everything you want it to be!

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